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All sessions other than retreats are via Zoom.
A recording can be provided if requested at time of meeting.
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Soul Gifts Sacred Circle

This monthly online gathering provides you with the experience of a Shift and Realign session as well as a Divine Guidance session. Sadira channels the highest good for everyone participating and offers readings as time allows. This sacred vessel holds space for a supportive and powerful group!

90 minutes, monthly (cancel at any time)

Soul Gifts Academy

Develop and uplevel your spiritual and healing gifts. Transform your life.

6 months

Shift and Realign

If you have been feeling blocked or not quite yourself, this session will help you reset and provide you with tools and insight to stay that way. This is a multidimensional healing session to calibrate you to your highest possibility, channeled from my healing team of Masters in cooperation your Guides and Masters. This generally includes a combination of divine energy to rebalance your energetic, mental, and emotional fields, as well as accessing the Akashic records. 

30 minutes    45 minutes

1:1 Mentorship

1:1 mentorship can be tailored to your needs, although it is generally set up as a private version of Soul Gifts Academy. Email sadira.yasmine@gmail to discuss what might work for you and set up private mentorship.  


Stay tuned for upcoming workshops.


Stay tuned for upcoming retreats.

Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy

No availablity at this time.

Past Life Regression can help you to recall past life experiences and understand your soul’s history, such as why you have experiences in this lifetime with physical ailments, fears, and relationship patterns.

120 - 150 minutes

Complete this disclaimer and intake form when booking hypnotherapy only

Divine Guidance 

No availability at this time. 

A psychic reading which provides you with insight into life situations, as well as connecting you to information on past lives and possible future timelines.

30 minutes    45 minutes

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"On a whim I found Sadira while visiting Sedona and had my first reading with her. Immediately, I felt at ease and really enjoyed her approach. She has a good energy. Since my first visit, I’ve had many readings with Sadira and have enjoyed each for different reasons. I leave the session with clarity and feeling content.”

"Working with Sadira is like having a 'heart to heart' with your best friend. She is easy to talk to and very down to earth, although her intuitive abilities are certainly from the heavens! She has helped me embrace my inner guidance while sharing her own unique self. It has truly been a gift to learn from Sadira and I highly recommend embracing any opportunity to do so!"