Sadira Yasmine



I spent most of my life avoiding my gifts. As a child I was in connection with spirits who had crossed over and I hated it! I shut it off as much as I could and went about my normal life. I focused on college, and then grad school. I nurtured my professional career.     

As an adult, I accidentally re-opened and expanded my gifts further through discovering meditation. As soon as I slowed down, I was in demand by the spirit world.

All sorts of beings would come to me with information, messages, and guidance. This opening was a rollercoaster. I learned the hard way about who to connect with and how. Fortunately, I quickly built a strong connection with my spirit guides. I also began working with angels and star beings and that is when my healing gifts really expanded.

Currently, I mentor others who are opening up to their own psychic and healing gifts, at all levels. I also offer coaching and healing sessions for those who are ready to align with their highest divine potential.  


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