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Soul Gifts Academy

Are You blessed with psychic abilities but don't know how to navigate life with them? You want to develop your abilities but don't have the right guidance.

Or are you someone who wants to get in tune with their higher self, but have absolutely no idea how to get started?

Or Are You a Coach who wants to help others nurture their psychic abilities?

Well, there is something in store for you.

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Activate Your Intuition

Learn how to open, deepen, and expand your spiritual gifts and trust the guidance you receive! Gain tools for setting healthy boundaries both physically and energetically, for giving intuitive readings and transform your life in the process. 

The Complete Psychic Series includes Quick Shift & Uplift, Heal Your Life in the Akashic Records, Master the Art of Readings, and SO MUCH more!

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Quick Shift & Uplift

Receive powerful healing frequencies that will help you to remove unwanted patterns from your life. Get unstuck and move forward with ease!  

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Heal Your Life in the Akashic Records

Working in the Akashic records can be an especially powerful tool for gaining an understanding of your life and healing what is not serving you. It is time to change your life and move forward!

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Master the Art of Readings

Understand that you are highly intuitive. Learn how to open, deepen, and expand your intuitive gifts and trust the guidance you receive! 

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