I'm Sadira.

I'm here to help you remember your divine potential and realign with your true self.

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I'm Sadira, and I'm here to help you remember your divine potential and realign with your true self.

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With the removal of blocks, deeper connection to your spiritual gifts, and manifestation techniques, you can expect some serious life upgrades in this container. This monthly gathering can help you get out of your own way, boost confidence, open up new opportunities in life, build connections with like-minded people,  adapt to change, and create the change you want!

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Do you feel lost & are overcome with anxiety? Or is it the past trauma trapped in your body?

Seems like your Chakras are blocked!

Harmonize your Chakras to Manifest your Desires with this Free 20 minute Chakra Upgrade Meditation.

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Shift Your Mindset, Attract Abundance & Live The Life You Desire


Always believed that earning money was HARD? Were you taught that talking about money was inappropriate? 

If your answer to any of these questions was yes, it means you have been conditioned to think that way.

But there is a way to change that. Click Below to know more.

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Open, deepen, and expand your spiritual gifts.


Gain tools for developing your intuition, setting healthy boundaries both physically and energetically, for giving intuitive readings and transforming your life in the process!


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You are unique...


You have a unique blueprint of talents, gifts, passions and insights. It can be easy to feel disconnected from these when worry about jobs, money, and relationships becomes forefront in your mind. But underneath this fear you know this is not how you are meant to live. It is time to step into more of whoyou really are!

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"Working with Sadira is like having a 'heart to heart' with your best friend. She is easy to talk to and very down to earth, although her intuitive abilities are certainly from the heavens! She has helped me embrace my inner guidance while sharing her own unique self. It has truly been a gift to learn from Sadira and I highly recommend embracing any opportunity to do so!"

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