Shift your life

Reset your nervous system. Transform your experiences with money, relationships, and feeling more connected to who you are on a soul level.

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Do you feel like you are meant for more?

With the removal of blocks, deeper connection to your intuition and spiritual gifts, and manifestation techniques, you can anticipate some serious life upgrades in this container.  

This monthly gathering can help you get out of your own way, boost confidence, open up new opportunities in life, build connections with like-minded people,  adapt to change, and create the change you want!

What you get when you join Soul Gifts Sacred Circle..

We meet monthly via Zoom and each session is channelled and tailored to those in the group.

I connect with participants individually and as a collective to conduct and guide you through:

  • Energy healing
  • Ancestral healing
  • Past life clearing
  • Editing soul contracts
  • Activations
  • And more!¬†


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Soul Gifts Sacred Circle

It is time to move beyond themes like poverty, scarcity, and fear of persecution that hold back many lightworkers, mystics, and healers.


Here's What My Clients Are Saying

"I still to this day call on the techniques"


Her energy and demeanour alone was very welcoming...

I loved the exercises and practices she led us through. I still to this day call on the techniques and continue to use them regularly. 

Would recommend this experience to anyone... You will absolutely love it like I did.

"Her guided meditations are transcendental"


I could write a book about how wonderful it is to work with Sadira.

What differentiates Sadira among others in the world of healers and intuitive beings is her ability to go as deep as necessary to help her clients.

Her guided meditations are transcendental- you are truly transported to another world.

 I must also mention that Sadira’s ability to heal energetic blocks is magical. 

"Working with Sadira opened up a new world for me"


I didn’t know what energy healing was before I worked with her, but I’m glad I scheduled a session with her.

I was working in corporate before and now I am much happier doing work that feels more meaningful.

Let's do this!

Experience Your True Potential

Many of us came into this world with latent gifts, and a natural energetic glow. As we are born, we take on family patterns and pile on life experiences that are not always positive.

We generally also have 'karma' from past lives, or that we carry for humanity as a whole.

As we get into the work that is offered in this group, we are forming new patterns, new experiences, and essentially new karma. We are creating a new collective where we can experience more joy and abundance. 

Soul Gifts Sacred Circle is for you if you are ready to 

  • Remove Blocks to success, abundance and love
  • Transform your life and have an abundant mindset Create new patterns of generational wealth spiritually, emotionally and financially¬†
  • Be in consistent flow of receiving¬†
  • Have a safe space where you feel seen and supported
  • Stop worrying and struggling
I'm ready!

Hi! I'm Sadira.

Founder of Soul Gifts Academy

After a health crisis forced me to slow down, re-evaluate my life, and connect with my true self, 

I decided to embrace the psychic and healing gifts I had been avoiding most of my life and share them with others.

For over a decade I have worked with people to support their healing and transformation, so that they can live a high-quality life.

I am here to help you shift old patterns so that you can recreate your reality to live more joyfully and abundantly.



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