Manifest the Life of Your Dreams with this Free Chakra Upgrade Meditation

Even those who have worked on their chakras will benefit from this attunement channeled from the angelic realms to create transformation in your life.


Do you feel unclear about your life’s direction, or stuck and unable to get to where you want to be? Or

Are you overcome with anxiety because you have soaked up toxicity, negativity & stress from people around you? Or

Is past trauma trapped in your body stopping you from trusting others, building & maintaining healthy relationships? Or

Do you want to lead a better life but feel you don’t deserve it or are not good enough?

Or maybe you could just use a boost manifesting…

Sometimes your life experiences can block the energy points in your body known as Chakras.

An out-of-balance Chakra can manifest into low creativity, damaged self-worth, insecurity or no self-expression.

Harmonize your Chakras to Manifest your Desires with this Free 20 minute Chakra Upgrade Meditation.

Yes, I’m ready to Manifest my Dreams!

Unlock Your Free Chakra Upgrade Meditation Now

What Will this Meditation Do For You?

Improve Your Relationships with Loved Ones

By unblocking your Heart & Throat Chakras, you will be able to communicate with more clarity & compassion with your partner or family. You will be able to express yourself more freely and be forgiving. So say goodbye to butting heads with your loved ones & hello to long-lasting relationships founded on love & empathy.

Increase Your Self-Confidence and Direction

Balancing your solar plexus will help you get rid of any inferiority complex, or low self-confidence and boost your willpower. Opening your Crown and third eye chakras will give you clarity and help you feel connected to the bigger picture. So get ready to shine in any existing or new opportunities that come your way.

Lower Your Anxiety & Relieve Stress

The Root Chakra is the basis of your survival. The Root Chakra gets damaged when your survival is threatened. The Sacral Chakra connects you to your creative potential and is easily blocked when you have issues in your family. Healing these chakras will release any tension or stress held there and you will finally feel secure and safe in your own body.

Unlock Your Free Chakra Upgrade Meditation Now

How To Get Maximum Benefit from the Meditation?

Set an Intention

Before starting your meditation, set an intention. This will help you be more mindful and get the most out of your practice.

Practice the Affirmations

A guidance sheet is given with the Free Meditation. It has a list of  Affirmations for balancing and cleansing each Chakra, and manifesting your desires.

Meditate daily for 8 weeks

Be consistent with your meditation. A routine will help you permanently transform your life for the better.

Unlock Your Free Chakra Upgrade Meditation Now

Hi! I am Sadira, a Psychic Mentor, Personal Transformation Coach & Angelic Healer


For as long as I can remember I was in touch with the other side.

For most of my life, I avoided my psychic and healing gifts, to the point where I almost completely shut them off to lead a ‘normal life'.

But as much as I tried to avoid them, they still came  knocking at my door (Quite literally! Spirits were trying to get my attention).

After a health crisis forced me to slow down and find the true purpose of my life, I decided to embrace my gifts and make peace with my path.

Meditation was the anchor in my life that not only re-connected me with the spirit world but also helped me easily transition into using my innate gifts & intuitive abilities.

I am now passionate about serving people who feel lost, confused, or stuck, like I was many years ago… and people who want to be more spiritually aligned with themselves.

What I have learned from over a decade of channeling readings and healing sessions is that we all have the capacity to heal ourselves. We sometimes just need a guide or a safe space to do it.

So, shed any doubts, relax & allow me to guide you through this Free 20 minute Chakra Attunement and Manifestation Meditation so that you can connect to your higher self and realize your full potential.

Unlock Your Free Chakra Upgrade Meditation Now
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