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Elevate your psychic and healing potential. Transform your life. 



Have You Been...

giving your power away, feeling stuck, or not listening to your intuition in any area of your life?

What would it feel like to have a deeper sense of control over your life and feel totally aligned with your soul’s purpose?

Imagine feeling totally fulfilled in all areas of your life and always sure you are on the right path. 

The Soul Gifts Academy will activate and develop your psychic abilities, intuition, and healing gifts permanently.

It will transform your experiences with money and relationships and feeling more successful in all areas of your life.

Hey, I am Sadira

For as long as I can remember I was in touch with the other side.

I spent most of my life avoiding my gifts. As a child I was in connection with spirits who had crossed over and I hated it! I shut it off as much as I could and went about my normal life. I focused on college, and then grad school. I nurtured my professional career.  

After a health crisis forced me to slow down and heal myself, I decided to embrace my gifts and make peace with my path.

As soon as I slowed down, I was in demand by the spirit world.

All sorts of beings would come to me with information, messages, and guidance. I would receive downloads about people and places everywhere I went. This awakening was a rollercoaster. I learned the hard way about who and what to connect with, and the best ways to go about it. Fortunately, I quickly built a strong connection with my spirit guides, and that is when my healing gifts really expanded.

I now mentor others who are opening up to their own psychic and healing gifts, at all levels, through a unique combination of healing sessions, channeling guidance, and connecting them to their own gifts.

Welcome To...


Why this program?

This unique combination of intuitive development and channelled healing from divine guidance will help you upgrade your gifts and live the life you are meant to be living.

You are ready to move beyond themes like poverty, scarcity, and persecution that are holding many lightworkers back in some way at this time.

Each session will be channeled and tailored to those who are in the course. 

The modalities used can include lessons on psychic development, energy healing, ancestral clearing, past life clearing, editing soul contracts, psychic readings, higher-self connection, mindset coaching, manifestation, activations, attunements, and more.

Let this group be your sacred vessel for permanent change.

If you are feeling called to this, you are ready to move forward. Let’s create miracles!

The Soul Gifts Academy will help you to:

  Learn the most powerful method for setting energetic boundaries for yourself, your home, your work place, and in ceremony.

o   I’m talking to you dear empath! Stop taking on other people’s emotions.

✔  Practice techniques for permanently healing yourself and others

o   We all have some area of life that we could shift or expand. Healing ourselves makes transformation possible.

✔Discover powerful manifestation techniques

o   Let’s call in money and abundance, upgrade your relationships, and experience physical healing.

✔Activate and uplevel your psychic abilities

o   We are all capable of being psychic. Whether you have had psychic experiences, consider yourself highly intuitive, or are new to this, you will expand your gifts. 

✔  Become an accurate psychic reader

o   Learn how you receive guidance, and how to use your gifts to benefit others.


✔ Understand mediumship and animal communication

o   Your pets are communicating with you. And your loved ones on the other side have messages for you. You don’t need to go to someone else to communicate with them. You can do this yourself if you choose.

✔Communicate with spirit guides and your higher self

o   You are always in communication with higher guidance. You are not alone and are fully supported in all that you do.

✔  Open to channel

o   Channeling is building a bridge to higher realms. You can channel in different ways through speaking, writing, or moving energy.

✔  Connect with multidimensional frequencies

o   Higher light, love and wisdom are all around you.

✔ Move through timelines

o   There are multiple possible outcomes to situations in your life, connect with the most joyful and abundant.

✔Practice astral projection

o   Learn how to travel beyond our physical reality. 

✔ Access the Akashic records

o   Heal and upgrade your life through working in the Akashic records. Learn how to guide others to do that same.


Here's What My Clients Are Saying...

"I would recommend this experience to anyone wanting to deepen their own intuitive abilities."

I would recommend this experience to anyone wanting to deepen their own intuitive abilities. You will absolutely love it like I did.


“I can truly say Sadira has helped me to develop the skills and confidence to take charge of my energetic space and boundaries, trust my intuition"

I can truly say Sadira has helped me to develop the skills and confidence to take charge of my energetic space and boundaries, trust my intuition and receive guidance from my higher self and spirit guides on my own. This is extremely valuable after spending years of looking to others for guidance and validation. I finally know that I can access this wisdom myself, and make the choices that are in highest alignment for me.


"What differentiates Sadira from others in the world of healers and intuitive beings, is her ability to go as deep as necessary to help her clients."

What differentiates Sadira from others in the world of healers and intuitive beings, is her ability to go as deep as necessary to help her clients. Her ability to care for each of them is truly a gift - this is apart from her ability to use her skills with a clarity and focus that gives you just the right message from your guides or angels. Her guided meditations are transcendental- you are truly transported to another world... I must also mention that Sadira’s ability to heal energetic blocks is magical.

-Megan Anne

Who Is This For?


Coaches and healers:

Bring your intuition and innate psychic abilities into your sessions in a deeper and more meaningful way. Work with new energies and spiritual skills to help clients shift more quickly, more deeply, and more permanently.

Corporate Professionals:

Connecting to your higher self and spirit guides is incredibly valuable in any career. I have aced my share of job interviews and meetings using my gifts.

Aspiring Psychics and Energy Healers:

Learn to give readings, and healing sessions for yourself and others.

People already in touch with their psychic and healing gifts, looking to expand them:

It can be incredibly helpful when mastering your gifts to have support.

Those wanting to create a clearer connection to your intuition, and to remove blocks that have kept you feeling stuck:

It is time to move forward with purpose.



What you will get from Soul Gifts Academy

Gather three times per month in a sacred, grounded, and light-hearted container to: 

o   Remove energetic, subconscious, and karmic blocks

o   Receive channeled healing

o   Learn tips, tricks and tools for healing and manifestation

o   Develop psychic gifts

o   Receive guidance and support for anything that might be up in your life.

Lifetime access to my entire library of recorded coursework:

So you can get started right away, learning how to:

o   Set energetic boundaries for yourself, your home, your work place

o   Heal yourself and others

o   Learn powerful manifestation techniques

o   Activate your psychic abilities

o   Become an accurate psychic reader

o   Understand mediumship and animal communication

o   Communicate with spirit guides

o   Connect with higher self

o   Open to channel

o   Connect with multidimensional frequencies

o   Move through timelines

o   Practice astral projection

o   Access the Akashic records

Private 1:1 session with me every month

To make sure you are fully supported to move forward and expand. This can be used for any combination of: 

o healing 

o psychic guidance

o business strategy 

o space holding or 

o coaching.

Why Invest in Yourself?

Where do you want to be in 6 months from now? A year?

How are you getting there?

If you feel like this program is a fit, feel confident making an investment in your future.

With the removal of blocks, deeper connection to your intuition and spiritual gifts, and manifestation of things like money in this container, you can anticipate life upgrades.

This program can help you get out of your own way, boost confidence, open up new opportunities in life, build connections with like-minded people, adapt to change, and create the change you want!

You will learn valuable tools and techniques for healing yourself and others, and for manifesting your desires, that you can continue to use beyond this program.



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Pay $833 now. Then five more monthly payments Of $833.



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